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Monday, November 1, 2010

Up Up and Away

We had a three and one half hour layover in Chicago yesterday.
My dad used to work on the electronics of this F4F Wildcat
(not this exact plane, but this model)
when he was in the Navy during the war.

I am one lucky girl.

Over the past several years, I have had the chance to travel with my dad to several IEEE conferences. Some of the places we've travelled to are Rome, Vancouver, Banff, Orlando, Norfolk, and Hawaii among others..

This week we are in.....

Never been to this part of the country. So fun to explore new places.
Love the accent, the friendly and helpful people and the old brick architecture.
I am now off to check out the University of Tennessee ("UT" to the locals).

On a different note....
those Giants...such a terrific game last night. One more to go. Go Giants.


mj said...

DO go to the TN aquarium (it's HUGE and i'm pretty sure it's near Knoxville). Do NOT go to waffle house. yuck.

Judy said...

We're glad you had a great trip. I love the Tenn accent too. I can always detect a Tenn person when they call at work.

Enjoy your week

Janet said...

Are you still in Tenn? What fun to travel with your Dad! Enjoy every memory! Love you all so much.