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Friday, October 29, 2010

How's Your Furnace?

Our furnace which happens to be over 25 years old.

Have you turned on your furnace yet?

Each year we the play game called:

"Let's See How Long We Can Go Before We Turn on the Furnace"

Have you heard of it?
It is quite popular in our neck of the woods.

November 1st is always the target day.

Can we hold out until then?

The mornings and evenings have been quite chilly this past week...

In spite of that, the furnace switch remains in the off position.


the blankets are piled on,

the fleece is layered,

and the apple cider is warming...

Frankly, I am tired of feeling the chill.

So, I think I will cave tonight...

and go flip the switch.


Molly said...

The entire first winter we lived in our current apartment, the heaters didn't work and we never bothered to call PG&E to come fix them. (I know--we're lame.) So we pretty much froze, because we were too lazy to make a phone call. Ha!

Judy said...

Yep....we started our machine up last week. We can't start the pellet stove until the flue is cleaned out. The wood stove has been on in the shop.Thankfully it has been raining a lot now so it is worth it.

Happy Halloween!