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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Moment #1

I was perusing one of my favorite blogs the other day and I came upon this post. I like her idea of posting a "my moment"...a picture that speaks all by itself. No words needed....

Here is my first:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Gratitude Journal

My Gratitude Journal
(this handmade journal was given to me by my cousin Janet)

Last summer I started a "Gratitude Journal". This is not an original idea at all for I remember Oprah introducing the idea many years ago on her show . I decided I would pen those fleeting moments in my life, such as being greeted by a beautiful sunrise, or catching the sounds of birds chirping, to make sure I remembered them.

I have found over the months, even in my worst, most horrible, very bad days, there is always something to be thankful for. It could be big or small.....but there is something every day that puts a smile on my face, even if it is ever so slight. To my surprise, I have discovered the more I acknowledge those "Gratitude Moments", the more seem to sprout up in my life.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Baby Shower for Kathryn

Had so much fun throwing a baby shower for Kathryn.

Isn't she adorable?
This is her first baby (it's a boy) and it has been a joy to be a part of her life as her belly swelled.

I chose a vintage theme since it is something I am quite familiar with.

I ordered the invites from here, a very good source for vintage cards. There were so many cute invites, I couldn't decide, so I purchased a couple of styles. To say the least, I am ready for the next shower.

I'd like to share some of the photos from tonight.

A collection of vintage vases and framed photos on the mantel:

Storybook pages from the past hanging from the clothesline:

Blooms in baby bottles:

Clothes on a drying rack:

Steiffs resting on a doll bed:

Presents placed in a bassinet..the very bassinet I used for my three kids:
Pistachio nuts served in a vintage baby dish:

Fabulous mini cupcakes created by Kathryn's sister, Jeanette--the supreme master chef!

Flowers on the buffet:

A vignette by the window:

And "B A B Y" hanging over the doorway:
A good time was had by all.... Little Will or Tommy (or...??) will be popping out real soon.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Little Sister Had a Birthday

My little sister Martha had a birthday on Friday. She has now reached the summit of Mt. Half Century...

Let me tell you about my dearest and best friend Martha....

Have you ever known someone who lights up the room the minute they enter it and who brings life to any gathering? That is Martha.

Have you ever known someone who takes the bull by the horns and gets things done, is a "mover and a shaker", who plans, makes lists, and executes, someone you can count on..depend on.. know they will follow through (like helps you plan your daughter's wedding, actually, she is the one who really made it happen)? That is Martha.

Have you known anybody where they meet you at 6:30 am several times a week to exercise, who supports your efforts to keep the girth from growing? That is Martha.

Have you ever had a friend who is your confidant, one with whom you commiserate, you discuss and plan with and never run out of things to discuss and plan? That is Martha.

Have you ever known someone who is constantly thinking of, helping and taking care of others?
That is Martha.

Have you ever known somebody that enjoys thrift shopping or collecting vintage items at estate sales, who knows what YOU like and will pick up little treasures at the aforementioned estate sales when you aren't with her? That is Martha.

Have you ever known somebody with a unique style (mid century modern), has an eye for cool things, can pick the prize out of the pile of junk, who displays it in such artistic ways, who loves owls, anything aluminum, gardens and plants, who knows the latest and hippest places to go and see, and who loves Madmen and Jane Austen films? That is Martha.

Have you known somebody who works hard at their job and is loved by her coworkers, who had two birthday celebrations thrown by those coworkers, (one where over 50 attended), who "runs" all day, takes the stairs (never the elevator) and who rarely takes a lunch? That is Martha.

Have you known someone with incredible inner strength, who has raised her two wonderful kids by herself after the untimely passing of her beloved Jeff, who forges on in spite of difficult challenges. That is Martha.

Have you known someone with integrity, compassion, and a fabulous laugh, likes dancing and having fun, is adventurous and hasn't stopped moving since the day she was born? Martha is all that and more.

I love you Martha...Happy Birthday.

Some more pics (many picked from your Flickr site, thanks)....

The two cabooses in our family, Martha and Gwen:

A newlywed Martha about 25 years ago.
Don't you just love the matching aprons Martha and Gayle are wearing?

Martha and Emma:

Martha snuggling her quilt made by Gayle:

Dan and Emma:

Martha, welcome to the backside of the mountain--it's downhill all the way!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sneak a Peek Week 10

This week...

A shining sun brought forth warmth for
Blooming bulbs,
Tidying up the garden,
Trimming the roses,
Weeding, feeding, planting and raking,

I love the sun.

Here's what's blooming and growing:

I believe these daffodils have grown a couple of inches this past week, alone!

I love being greeted by the blooming sweet smelling paperwhites by the front door.

And a perfectly shaped pink camelia

(don't know the name for it was here when we moved in)

All the roses have been pruned and the new "purply" red growth has already popped out.

A Clematis armandii snowdrift climbing the fence.

I was intently pulling weeds from the planter boxes by the fence (yes, I DO get weeds!), and caught a whiff of something smelling so sweet. My first thought was, my neighbor Linda must have something wonderful blooming next door. A few minutes later I happen to look up and yes indeed that sweet smell emanated from my very own evergreen clematis climbing the fence. I couldn't believe my eyes...the last time I noticed, this vine was covered in buds..and all of a sudden it is covered in beautiful white flowers.

Here is another picture:I LOVE IT!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


My Dad is wizard, especially when it comes to computers.

On top of that, he is very smart and kind and wonderful and..

(I will save the rest for another post).

Back to my old sick and slow computer.... it was so sick with infection,

I took it to Dr. Dad.

(Dr. Dad is the go to man when any of the computers in our family get sick).

The old Dell (from "hell") needed a thorough clean out and checkup.

It had been ignored far too long.

It had not been updated, defragged, or cleaned in ...

well I'm embarrassed to tell you...

let's say... more than 365 days.

I know, that is very bad for a computer.

I promise I will repent and be better.

Anyway, Dr. Dad determined there was too little memory,

the hard drive was too small (for all the things I want to do)


he couldn't get rid of ALL the "infections".


Dr. Dad diagnosed that I needed an upgrade.

Dr. Dad performed his magic.

He put together a fast, sleek, and powerful computer,

which sits next to the new printer and a new scanner

on my desk in the corner of the study.

Let me introduce you to ....."Bluelight".

You might be wondering, why would you pick the name "Bluelight?"

That sounds like a special at a diner, not a name for a computer.

See that blue light on the PC in the picture above?

That tiny light projects an iridescent blue glow across the room at night.

So, that is why he is called Bluelight.

You see, I've already been cranking ...

scanning (on a my new scanner, which, by the way, is FANTASTIC!)

blogging (which I'm doing right now)




and connecting with friends.

Bluelight and I are BFF

P.S. Bluelight needed a tidy place to live so I spent the entire day purging, cleaning, organizing and decorating my end of the study. Oh, it feels so good to be organized!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meet Johanna and Albert

I'd like you to meet Albert Peltzer

who married Johanna

(sometimes referred to as "Jane" or "Ma" or "Grandma")

I've never met these two people but I feel that I know them.What do you mean you know them, you ask.

How could you know them when they died over 45 years ago?

Art, Albert, Erna, Johanna, Ann, Ilse, and Al standing

Well, Johanna and Albert had five wonderful children, one of which was DZ's mother, Ilse.
(In addition to Ilse, I did know Art, Ann and Erna)

I have sifted through thousands of 95+ year old negatives, and from those negatives,

I have had 100's of pictures printed.

Albert took most of the photos and most (95%) are of his children ....
or Johanna....

As I have perused , stared at, and studied each photo,

I have felt the love Albert and Johanna had for each other and for their family.

For example, when Johanna would ask Albert to do or get something, his response was:

"Your wish is my command!"

(I have been trying to get DZ to adopt the same mantra...but to no avail)

Behind every picture is a story....

I only wish I had a chance to hear or read the stories

behind the many pictures of the Peltzer family.

Through organizing their documents,

reading their letters,

and gazing at their pictures,

I've uncovered a mere snippet of their lives.

I will meet these dear people some day.

Oh, the questions I want to ask!

So, in the meantime....

let's talk with our loved ones....


pull out those photo albums...

share those stories...

record ....

write it down....

and preserve it for future generations ....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heart Attack

My home has had a heart attack....

there are hearts everywhere.

Hearts hanging in trees...

Heart shaped frames and red heart lights...Glowing hearts.....
Hearts on tables....

Hot heart biscuits in heart bowls...
And vintage heart cards on a silver platter...