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Friday, November 26, 2010

10 Favorites The Day After

What a wonderful turkey day.

Here are my top 10 faves ...

The No. 1 favorite is being with my family. No question about it. They are THE BEST.

No. 2 is the turkey. This is the one and only day I love to eat turkey... like off the bone. The turkey sandwiches I eat all year long where the meat is processed and sliced thin doesn't really count.

No. 3 is the jello. I grew up eating jello, especially for our Sunday dinner. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are pretty much the only time I eat jello now. Love the layered jello with lots of fruit and decadent stuff mixed in.

No. 4 is the dessert. Pumpkin pie is the numero uno dessert for Thanksgiving. It would not quite be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. It was scrumptious. We had a bonus dessert from my oldest sister...a spice bundt cake. The two together were out of this world.

No. 5 is the stuffing...a most particular recipe prepared by my brother. Cornbread with sausage and all sorts delish ingredients. Mmmmm good.

No. 6 is the homemade parker house rolls. We make rolls from scratch in my family. The only true way to have rolls. My most favorite recipe is found in the Lion House Cookbook. I've tried them all, and I like this one the best. Check out the rolls from last night here.

No. 7 is the yams. My mother makes the perfect yams...or are they sweet potatoes? Not sure what the difference is. But they were scrumptious.

No. 8 is the autumnal (first time I heard that word was from Martha Stewart) colors. My sister picked up flowers from the farmer's market and I picked foilage from my backyard. Put the two together and produced this.

No. 9 is eating the leftovers. Had this for lunch....was almost as good as last night.

No. 10 Getting up early in the am to join the crowds to take advantage of the door buster deals. Went to Walmart...that crazy suffocating place...to see if I could pick up a tv for 98 bucks. They were long gone. I guess I saved myself some $.


Natalie said...

The pic of your rolls was awesome. I'm bummed that mine didn't turn out this year. TIP for next year (for me) allow enough rising time. ;) Isn't it funny that each person has their item they love to make? Wish I could try some of Paul's stuffing. Sounds delish!

Janet said...

What a Thanksgiving Feast! I count my Price Family relatives as one of my blessings! Wouldn't it be great if we could gather around the same table for Thanksgiving one year?!