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Friday, October 29, 2010

How's Your Furnace?

Our furnace which happens to be over 25 years old.

Have you turned on your furnace yet?

Each year we the play game called:

"Let's See How Long We Can Go Before We Turn on the Furnace"

Have you heard of it?
It is quite popular in our neck of the woods.

November 1st is always the target day.

Can we hold out until then?

The mornings and evenings have been quite chilly this past week...

In spite of that, the furnace switch remains in the off position.


the blankets are piled on,

the fleece is layered,

and the apple cider is warming...

Frankly, I am tired of feeling the chill.

So, I think I will cave tonight...

and go flip the switch.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Orange and Black

This is what I am wearing to work today.

And not because of Halloween either.

Those Giants!

What a game!


Can you believe it?

Those nitwits in the broadcasting booth said it would be a low scoring game.

Eat your words.

SF will be rocking and rolling tonight...

(and not because of any earthquake either)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bassinet Bedding for the Babe

My sister gave me the little "sweet tooth" towel which still needed to be embroidered.
Got it done one night while watching tv.

Saw the burp cloth idea at the "General Store" in San Fransico this summer. So easy to do!

It is finally finished...complete...done....
That is, a bumper, and a little pocket/pouch for the bassinet .
It feels so good to repurpose, reuse, and recycle items...
(such as cutting up several hand embroidered dishtowels and tablecloth)
and incorporating them into a new bumper and pocket/pouch...
oh, so satisfying.
I can't wait to meet the little "Shoe".

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Go Giants

I loved Giants baseball as a kid.

I even remember going to a Giants game at Candlestick Park

when I was about 10 years old.

I admit it.

I am a fair weather Giants fan.

I didn't attend another Giants game until they built the new stadium.

And what a lovely place to watch baseball.

At least once a year...

I am usually the recipient of some

fabulous free tickets from friends.

And now, can you believe those Giants this year?

Winning the playoffs...

and now playing in the WORLD SERIES...


I. just. love. those. Giants!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Raindrops Are Falling on My Windshield

Guess what I saw on my windshield

when I got in my car yesterday morning?

Yes siree...

drops of rain..

You should have seen the

wide grin stretched across my face.

I love, love, love this weather.

The wood is stacked,

the gutters are cleaned

the blankets are out,

the books are piled high,

and I am ready for a downpour,

So tomorrow after church you will catch me snuggled by the fire...

with my hands filled.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bought Bulbs?

Do you enjoy spring flowers?

Spring flowers like daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, or freesia?

If so, now is the time to buy your bulbs.

They are quite easy to plant.

That is unless you go a bit crazy and purchase


You must dig lots and lots of holes or fill lots and lots of pots...

planting one at a time....

And then, when spring comes....

one will receive such a nice reward ....

when beautiful blooms treat one's eye.

So, go out and buy some bulbs...

dig some holes or clean some clay pots...

I promise you... you won't regret it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Top 10 for 10-10

1. It rained! Love, love, love the first rain of the season.

2. Because of no. 1 above, we had our first fire in the fireplace ...loved sipping hot apple cider in front of the blazing fire.

3. We had no. 2 above because it was "cool" outside (compared to the hot temps last week). Remember, I don't like hot, so I am now a very happy camper. The whites, pastels,and sandals have now been stored and the wools, darks, socks and fuzzies have been outed.

4. The family came over to celebrate my dad's 86th birthday .

5. Because of no. 4 above, the house is now a glow in orange, rust, black and white (ghosts) for Halloween. Have more to do, but at least half of it is up.

6. Since no. 4 above occurs in October...and my dad loves anything German (he taught himself to speak German fluently) we always eat "Oktoberfest" food, which means purchasing the very best wurst in the bay area (Ditmers) prepared with sauerkraut, apples and onions. Had a spread of gourmet mustard, German pickles, herb potatoes, spinach salad, pretzels and bread from Esther's Bakery (which makes the best German bread around) and topped it off with apple cake and ice cream sundaes, per the birthday boy's request. My dad gets whatever he wishes for... ooolala..it was oh so delish!

7. Found some real estate in the garage on Saturday(i.e. cement floor)...been working at clearing out that disaster and boxing/staging items for my garage sale. Perhaps this Saturday will be the day, that is unless it rains, which rain happens to be in the forecast.

8. Finished sewing new bumpers for little Max's bassinet..repurposed an embroidered a table cloth and some embroidered/appliqued dishtowels.
( DZ had a bassinet similar to this one when he was an infant. I found this one at an antique store (so it was old then) before Sophie was born and used it for all three kids. Don't you just love tradition?Don't the future mom and dad sparkle with happiness? Will we see those beaming smiles in a couple of months when they are awakened in the middle of the night by Max? Don't you think this future mother looks great at 7 plus months?

9. DZ had a very positive interview last week and was told he will be scheduled for a second round of interviews...I hope to have something very incredible to be thankful for this Thanksgiving ....and will continue to keep those fingers crossed and those prayers uttered!

10. Last but not least...love the crunchy leaves, the harvest moon, the lowered sun, the brisk air, the hearty soups, and just plain ol' change of season.


Please note: all pictures posted are courtesy of my sister Gwen. Thanks for snapping!

Friday, October 15, 2010

In the City

we knew it was going to be especially hopping in the City last weekend....

"Fleet week", Columbus Day parade, a 49er game, Blue Angels show, Giants in the playoffs (against Atlanta)...just to name a few.

so to minimize the hunt for a place to park the car and
the incredible traffic we would face...
we decided to park at BART and take public tranportation
into the City
Milbrae was the station we chose
took at least an extra 45 minutes
(note to self, never go to Milbrae, pick up BART in Daly City).
we headed to North Beach (the Italian section of the City)
to watch the parade in honor of Christopher Columbus

The Stanford band was there...can't miss that redwood tree (their mascot)!
oh, by the way, speaking of Stanford
did you see the game on Saturday against USC?
what a nail biter...
caught the last half of the fourth quarter
and what about that ending?
I taped it and have watched it several times
lovely indeed!
that is, as long as you are a Stanford fan
which, I am.

we strolled to Fisherman's Wharf
for a better view of the powerful Blue Angels
one can't help but get goose bumps all over
as those jets roar overhead.
how do they do it?
I mean, without crashing into each other
six planes in the shape of a diamond,
twisting and turning in unison
performing a delicate diamond dance in the sky
my eyes were fixed upward in awe.

caught a free bus (one lucky thing that day)
which was headed right to the
bottom of Market...just where we needed to go.
along with a zillion other people.
unfortunately, we hopped off the bus way too soon.
should have stayed (in spite of the snail's pace it was moving)
because we ended walking over a mile to catch
the BART train to get back to our car.

what an adventure!
I love the City...especially when the weather is eighty degrees.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweet Adeline Visit

What a wonderful weekend visit from our sweet Adeline.

We gave her a plane ticket for birthday #23.

It was nice to catch a glimpse of her as she flitted in and out...

that is ok...

for she really came to be with a certain fella

whose name is Matt.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mad Men Convert

I have been converted. Hooked. You name it. I am in.

Each Sunday evening I look forward to watching the newest episode of Mad Men. I am already pining the fact that there are only two episodes left this season. I do have all 12 episodes saved on my DVR...so I can rewatch them when I start going through withdrawals.

It took me three seasons before I caught on. I know, I am slow on the uptake...
I caught up this past summer watching Seasons 1-3, thanks to one of my sisters who has DVDs of all three seasons.

I know there is a bit of "raunchiness" ...lots of drinking, smoking, and "roving eyes"..but I understand that is what it was like in the business world, at least in the big city advertising/marketing world.

The acting is brilliant, the set designs are marvelous (oolala...the mid-century modern ...such attention to detail!), and the fashions are to drool over!

Oh, speaking of the clothes...

I love them. they are timeless...in their own way. Don't you think they could be worn today? In fact, I have almost all of the "Vintage Vogue" patterns and someday when I have time, I plan to sew some of the dresses and jackets from that era.

Did you know that Sally (Don Draper's daughter) and I would be the same age? The casting director who chose her should be given a bonus...I think she does one fine job playing a young girl in the sixties. I had a plaid dress similar to one she wore in one of the episodes early on. Just like Sally, I was crazy about the Beatles too. But I did not have a wealthy father like Don Draper who could obtain tickets to one of those concerts. My best friend, her name was Patty, got some white "Beatle boots"...oh I envied those! She had a twin brother and an older brother...I had one brother and five sisters...so no "Beatle boots" for me!

So, who is your favorite actor/actress? Do your "faves" change from episode to episode? Who do you think is essential each week? I mean, you really miss it if your fave is not in the current episode. I'll let you know my faves next week.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pathetic Pear Pick

Check out my pathetic (Bosc) pear crop this year.

I planted this tree 15 to 20 years ago.

This is all I get!

Seven pears.

So glad I am not a farmer.

I would surely starve.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Time for Orange

I went to Cost Plus the other day to pick up some Torani syrup
(for my hot chocolate).

As I entered the store, I was blinded with a sea of gold, silver, green and red...

yes, that's right, CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!!

Something is utterly wrong with selling Christmas in September.

I remember when I was growing up, they didn't start selling Christmas

until after Thanksgiving....

and over the years the "start of Christmas"

has slowly crept back to where the displays

are now up and running in September...

and I am ignoring them.

Well, today is the first of October...

the day the Boo Boxes come down from the attic.

I do not, will not, and utterly refuse to put up my Halloween decor

until we have entered the tenth month.

A person must have conviction, right?