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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Snapshot From the Forties

A snapshot of my (imaginary) life had I been born 30 years earlier:

This is a cover to a recipe booklet that belonged to my mother-in-law

Had I lived in the forties....
My makeup and coif would be flawless
My nails would be immaculately buffed and polished
My daughters would wear bows in their hair that matched their outfit
My daughters' hair would be impeccably combed
My daughters and I would wear matching aprons (sewn by mawaah)
And my kitchen would be spotless

I'd fit right in..don't you think?

BTW...Sophie's home does have those very cabinets with red lucite handles.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vintage 1960's Sewing Patterns

My sister and I spotted one of those hot pink "ESTATE SALE" signs as we were driving down El Camino after our early Saturday morning hike at Stanford ....just  like Hansel and Gretal  following bread crumbs...we followed the signs for 5 miles all the way to Mountain View. 

It was the second day of the sale and the house had been pretty much picked over.  I was just about to leave empty handed when... I spied two boxes on the floor... filled with original sewing patterns from the 60's and 70's.  They  were the real deal...how do I know?  The date was written on most of the patterns. 

Purchased  over a dozen patterns.  Here are a couple of my faves:


Vintage McCalls Pattern (1966)

I just can't wait to sew my next  "Mad Men" dress... sewn from a true honest to goodness original pattern from the mid sixties.  Which one would you pick?

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Most Stupendous Birthday Weekend

Wow...what a fun birthday weekend.  It started by a long overdue trip to get a mani/pedi...complements of  my sisters Martha and Gwen.  My feet and hands thoroughly enjoyed the attention.

Dipping the Toes in Lovely Long Lake

Some of us hopped in the car and headed up to the Sierras (Soda  Springs) ..hitting some outrageous traffic which resulted in the drive lasting 6  hours instead of the normal 3 1/2 hours.   The "pain" was forgotten once we arrived at this idylic cabin owned by DZ's cousin.

Some hopped in their very own private plane and arrived in an hour.

I just love the pine scent that infuses the air .....  The weather was impeccable...bright blue sunny sky with 80 degree temp. 

Martha and I got up early Saturday morning (while every one else slept) and took a "stroll" around Lake Van Norden.  We had the place to ourselves...not a sole in sight.

Just love the peace, beauty and serenity

We decided to stay away from the crazy crowded Lake Tahoe and instead drove a few miles on a rutty dirt road to Long Lake.  Ah...it was spectacular.

We swam...
untitled collage

And lounged on rocks...
Me and My Main Squeeze
And enjoyed the crystal cool refreshing lake.
Hello From Long Lake

I don't know why, but being in the mountains makes you hungry.  I must have brought enough food to feed an army of at least 20...Martha brought her folding table and set it up outside on the granite rock deck.  It was perfect!  

And boy did we eat...here are some samplings...
Saturday's breakfast

Sunday's breakfast

Can't get enough of this little guy

Night time came and decorations came out

Party Time

Candles were lit

Martha found the huge vintage canning jar and turned it into a candle holder with candles with my  signature color.

Songs were sung .... cake devoured.

Sophie made the deelish cupcakes and Martha made the flags (both on the cakes and hanging from the house.
And we all celebrated the fact that I made it another year. A most memorable birthday celebration indeed.  Hoping this can become an annual event where I can spend my b-day with my fam up in the beautiful Sierras.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

At Eighteen Months

This is a picture of my dad ...

Me ...

Karen Delivering Mail

My oldest daughter..

And my little grandson at 18 months....

What a resemblance!  It has got to be that bowling ball round head.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth

Started this holiday morning bright and early with an annual pancake breakfast at my church

The cub scouts posted the colors and did a mighty fine job I must say.
 Made 20 of these to bring a bit of red white and blue cheer on the tables

Check out the decor for the serving table:

Set up a photo booth and had a fun parade ...
Led by this crazy Lady Liberty who lost her crown and sprouted a head of curly locks.


Aren't these kids adorable?
Just love how the black lab is resting his/her head on Ali's neck.
IMG_4682 You can find more pics here


Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Bonnets

I loved putting hats on my kids when they were babies.

A handmade knit hat for newborn Sophie

 I picked up this floral print hat in Sweden for sweet Adeline:

And a little velour aviator cap for baby Peter:
Easter 1986..in carrying out the tradition of my childhood, I made Peter's outfit and Sophie's dress

So now when I am invited to a baby shower, my signature gift  is a little homemade hat.

Here is my newest hat for a little baby boy who is due in a little more than a month:

I love bonnets/hats on babes!