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Monday, October 31, 2011


I have been wondering....
Is dressing up for Halloween geared more for children?
Or for adults?

Made the prince and princess costumes for a play at my church
And don't you love the fairy godmartha...put together by Martha 

More and more adults dress up as their favorite character these days
For example,I just came home from the grocery store
And every checker was showing their enthusiasm for the holiday

Before DZ and were married
I made these two clown costumes
They sure have come in handy over the past thirty years....

Check out DZ on Saturday

When our kids came along
I turned my attention to making their costumes

Sophie as Rainbow Brite and Peter the "Rabbit"
Adeline as a little dalmation dog
And as a pumpkin
And now the next generation is enjoying dressing up in those very costumes

Peter LOVED dinosaurs...and could name them all...
So he became one for Halloween when he was four
Now little L is following in the footsteps...

For this very fun and festive holiday

Can you get any cuter?

Which is enjoyed by young and old alike


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Then and Now

My dad (second from the right, next to his brother Elden) in Memory Grove, Salt Lake City, Utah 81 years ago:

Price, CRimg042

Same spot, minus 5...see the obelisk above his head a bit obscured by the tree?

And still as cute as ever.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Dear Uncle Elden

I have been very sad  for my dear Uncle Elden passed away 
 He was my dad's younger brother and they were very close
Best friends and best buddies.

Both boys joined the Navy in World War II

He was the tallest of his three brothers
My dad, Edward, Norman, Elden and Grandpa Price 
I can just imagine the pride my Grandpa is feeling in this picture

 He fell in love with his dear sweetheart Marcine, and they've been married for 61 years
They are the supreme example of a caring and loving partnership and marriage

Wow...what a handsome dude
 He built many homes including this cottage for his new bride

I believe they called it "Dove Cottage"

He loves his nine children

This picture was given to my parents exactly 40 years ago

My aunt (holding Von) is standing next to my grandma  ..kids left to right Ruth, Terry, Bonnie, Janet and Nancy holding Bonnie's hand
(the pjs were all made by my aunt...she is an amazing seamstress)

And his many many grandchildren and great grandchildren

Oh, I will miss you dear uncle....
You have been a light in my life
And to the thousands who have crossed your path
A pure example of unconditional love and affection
I know your spirit lives
And a wonderful reunion has occurred

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Birthday Boys

The two most important men in my life
Celebrated their birthdays this past week
My dad was born 87 years ago

And DZ
Who was born 21 years later

My dad looks pretty good wouldn't you say?

DZ spent the day with Sophia and lil' grandson in the city
And came home to a deelish dinner
Topped off with a homemade apple pie

Love sharing celebrations with the fam

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Stupendous Saturday

My sister Martha and I spent Saturday together
We headed to Santa Cruz to enjoy the most gorgeous weather

And to check out some cool garden shops

First stop was Diggs

A very hip nursery...with unique plants, succulents and air plants.  Next stop was a shop where they have zillions of ceramic pots of all shapes, colors and sizes.  Picked up two handmade pots from Vietnam (the ones with the white glaze)

We crossed the street to grab a bite (or two) of scrumptious Greek cuisine.
And then to Penny Ice Creamery to devour a cone.
Ginger Pear Ice Cream Happiness

Headed to UC Santa Cruz Arboretum to check out their plant sale and picked up some very cool varieties of "Protea" and various other plants.  Do I need more plants?...I am finding it hard to find a spot in my garden to plant them.  Never fear, I will squeeze them in somewhere.

UC Santa Cruz Fall Plant Sale

Loved watching the dozens of surfers at Steamers Lane.

Surfers at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz


Headed up the coast...collected...shells, rocks, driftwood at windy Waddell Beach...
Waddell Beach Kite Surfers and Beach Combing

Snapped each other...

Fun Times with Karen

Dueling Cameras
And checked out the  kite surfers where they were in their element (one of the best beaches for this "crazy" sport... I hear).
Kite Surfers at Waddell Creek Beach

Crossed Highway 1 and strolled along a marsh trail at Waddell Creek

And then hopped back in the car, stopped by Pie Ranch

Pie Ranch Display

Continued north to Pescadero where we had a most deelish meal of crab cioppino and artichoke hearts at Duartes

What a most full, wonderful and stupendous day....I continue to savor the joy
Of  living near such beauty.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where Steve Jobs Sat

So sad to hear of the passing of Steve Jobs

Way too young for such a brilliant man

I've mentioned before how we went to high school together

Here is the corner in the quad at Homestead

Where Steve and his buddies would sit every day for lunch

(there weren't any tables then and people would sit on the wall)

Steve hung out with the "brainy bunch"... Tim Brown, Harvey Martell (had a crush on him one year), Dan (not sure of his first name) Martinez, Mike Sampson, John Ehman and some others

My friends and I sat in the corner on the wall opposite them

I remember watching them spending the entire lunch hour deep in discussions....

I like to think this is the real place where Apple began
Homestead High School graduation 1972

The world will miss you Steve.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rain is Falling All Around!

I stepped out on the deck outside my bedroom

I raised my eyes upwards

And saw this...

Lo and behold

The heavens opened up

And the first raindrops of the season

"Poureth" forth

It is really coming down now

Puddles are forming

I hear "pings" on the skylights

And I l.o.v.e it