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Monday, November 8, 2010

10 Tantalizing Tenneseean Treats

Here are the top ten tantalizing treats from my first visit to .....

Traveling and being with my dad for a whole week while he attended an IEEE conference.
Isn't he just adorable? (some say I take after him)
You should see him maneuver in and out of airports,
getting to and from the hotel and walking the city streets.
I've seen people half his age hobbling with canes and being pushed in chairs.
Not him...no siree!


While my dad is working away at the membership desk, I get to go touring.
First up was the Biltmore Estate...one of the largest homes in the US.
In spite the immense square footage...I could imagine people actually living here.
After touring the estate, we had lunch in what was once the cow's birthing barn..
now converted to a restaurant.

Both edges of the spectrum are found in Tennessee...

...more people lived the simple cabin life.
I understand most people in the hills did not have electricity until the late 1950's.

The people and their "accent".
Do you know the proper way to say Appalachian?
(apple (like the fruit) -ahh (like when the doctor asks you to stick out your tongue)-chin (like on your face)
Happened upon a farmer's market in the old town square on Saturday.
Check out the handmade berry hats.

The music.
I have two videos I am trying to post...
(check out my Flickr site later after I upload them from my camera)


The caverns five hundred feet below the earth's surface.
This formation is called "the Drapes".

The Great Smoky Mountains. What a view at 6,000 feet!


Hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail,
even though it was only a quarter mile!

The architecture.
Lots of brick. This is a building on the UT campus.
Look at the painted advertisements on the old brick factory building in the Old City.


The Tennessean fall colors. OOOLALA.

I'd like to add one more...
the simple food...
the grits, the sweet potato casserole, and the chick pea soup, the bread...

Had so much fun traveling to and exploring new places.


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic...love seeing the pictures!


Janet said...

We missed you while you were gone! Thrilled that you and Uncle Vernon had such a wonderful time! Welcome Home.

Packet of Seeds said...

Thanks Janet. I would have posted while in Tennessee, but we had trouble with our internet connection in our room..my dad's computer got an infection. It was really fun having my dad ALL TO MYSELF!

Judy said...

I really need to go see this part of the USA too. APPLE AH Chin. I will remember that when I talked to the locals! Load up some more on FLICKR. What a great trip!

Thanks for helping Dad out.