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Monday, November 29, 2010

Did You See The Game?

The invasion of the Beavers

What a gorgeous evening sky!

What a fun Saturday night at the Stanford stadium.
That is, unless you are an Oregon State fan.
Those beavers just couldn't gnaw into any kind of a groove.
I sat next to this brave fan..
Who dressed as beaver and
Sat in a sea of Cardinal red.
Oh those Cardinals ...
Boy did they shine...
In spite of a day of cloudy skies and rainy weather.
Thirty eight zip.
And what better way to celebrate the night...
Than to dance to the tunes of the band and with a tree.

Pic courtesy of my sistah.

These are random people ...I have no clue who they are. Just wanted a pic of the adorable tree.


Janet said...

Did Emma cheer for the Beavers or the Cardinals? Looks like it was a fun event for you!

Janet said...

. . .I'm sure that is why you sat next to that way cute chick dressed in Orange - because her daughter cheers for Portland. You guys look so cute together!

Judy said...

It was a great day....and the dance with the tree and the band topped it off. Now lets see what the team does next!