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Friday, November 19, 2010


The old rule is ...white is put away the day after Labor Day.

Not so fast I say...

coming from one who loves white.

Why can't I continue my white passion all year long?

white.....the achromatic color of maximum lightness?

white, the antagonist of black?

white, that which contrasts so well with all other colors?

white, the best reflector of light?

white, that pure, clean, light, chalky, bone, colorless, without hue, milky, clear color?

Look around...look inside and outside at white.

white parchment-like flowers...

white pottery vases found at estate sales...

white puffy towels, neatly folded and stacked...

white shirts, ironed stiff with starch...

white marble tile & sinks, shiny and squeaky clean

a white wedding dress with a white flowing bouquet ...

Just a few white things that I love.

ahh..... white...pure and sweet.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures Karen!