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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pie For Breakfast

Have you ever had pie for breakfast?

A few months ago, this friend of mine started a "Pie for Breakfast Club" where on the first day of each month she prepares several variations of a particular flavor pie.

Strawberry pie was the flavor of the month of June and the 1st happened to fall on Friday...my day off..
I scooted over there and enjoyed the most deelish strawberry pies my palate has ever tasted...e.v.e.r.

Check out the vintage strawberry pattern on the table cloth..what a clever gal.

The sweet peas were freshly picked from her mother-in-law's garden.  Love the sweet scent o f sweet peas..don't you?
I admit it...I had two helpings of this strawberry peach pie...yumolala

Kathryn has come up with a wonderful party idea...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Pop

Had a wonderful time celebrating pop's day at my sister's homeIMG_4479

Had a deelish meal of tri tip, green salad, fresh Brentwood corn, and roasted potatoes..and served "pop" to quench our thirst

A Bucket of Pop

Me and my pop...

Had homemade cookies
My Dad Gets the First Cookie

And popsicles for desert
Homemade popcicles for dessert

Martha popping a kiss
A Kiss from Martha

And my baby sister with our Pop.
My Dad with Gwen
This little guy popping a smile
My Grandson

Chilling around the sunflowers

DZ popping a homemade oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookie in his mouth
DZ eating scrumptious oatmeal raisin cookies made by Gwen

Oh how he loves his "dada"
A Kiss for his dada

Thumbs up for pop's day
Sophie Through the Window

Monday, June 11, 2012

Crafting Bees

I made these little bags for our very first "Finish Your Project"  or what I'd like to coin "Crafting Bee Night"

Thought it would be the perfect bag to carry scissors, thread, pens, pencils, phones, anything your little heart desires

Everyone could personalize their zipper pull with beads
Letters ready to be strung

And bees

Bee charms

Augmenting crafting bee bags.
Putting individual touches to Bee-bags.

Young and "old" alike brought their own project to work on....and we had quite the variety...


Mary embroidering
Mary embroidering

Allisia making cards
Allisia with her flashcards

Martha making pom poms for birthday hats
Making birthday hats

Anita covering boxes for her office
Anita covering boxes with fabulous Italian paper

Adeline quilting, me making birthday hats, Rachel J. putting together a scrapbook for Sadie, Rachel P. making a framed saying, and Sophie sewing. 

Going through the mags
Laura purging through her mags

Marianna knitting
We had knitters.....

September refashioning a skirt for Katrina
Adorable September lengthening a dress/skirt for her daughter
Thank you Crystal for letting us all invade your home...what a blast

Crystal with her sweet dog Charlie
Doesn't Crystal have the cutest dog?

Can't wait when get together again next month...think it will be at Anita's.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Embroidered Baby Bonnet

This adorable couple is adopting a little baby girl...and she will be arriving soon.

I made this sweet bonnet from a vintage dresser scarf....


Finished it just in time...phew...I guess I like working under pressure.
A Bonnet Made from a Vintage Dresser Scarf

Made it from a vintage pattern from the 50's...oh so easy, once i found the right fabric and embroidered piece...

A Bonnet for a Babe

I am now headed to the baby shower to celebrate with the parents to be.