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Monday, November 22, 2010

Saturday Morning

It rained all night long.
Heard the drops on the skylight above.
Will we or won't we hike this am?
Took a peak out the window.
Clouds with blue sky peaking through. Good.
Stepped out the front door.
Ah, fresh crisp air..must don the fleece.
Picked up my sister.
And we headed up the hill.

Check out who we saw munching along the trail ...

followed by the Mrs.

Reached the top.
Incredible view of the bay...
clear, crisp and chilly with threatening rain.
Still have shadows on the ground.

Passed by the resident flock of wild turkeys on our way down.
How cool is that ?
Especially during this Thanksgiving week.

And some lovely green moss on a log.

And some colorful fall foliage..ginkgo, Chinese pistasch and maple.
Yes we still have leaves on some of our trees.

So wonderful to live around such loveliness.
What a way to start the day.

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Janet said...

Why do they make dolls without faces? I don't know why but they bother me - it makes me think they don't have a soul. But your decorations are gorgeous! Can I come for thanksgiving dinner?