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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Twelve Glads

1. Glad I can walk.

2. Glad I can see.

3. Glad I can hear.

4. Glad for my "semiworking" brain.

5. Glad I am a woman, a mom and soon to be grandma.

6. Glad I married my man (DZ).

7. Glad for my hands, to create and to serve others.

8. Glad for good health.

9. Glad for my religion.

10. Glad for my wonderful friends.

11. Glad for my family.

12. Glad I live in this country, this state, and this town.

Oh so very


Anonymous said...

Glad you're my sister.


Janet said...

How refreshing! YOU my dear cousin are an extraordinary woman and I am GLAD you are in my life!

Judy said...

I ditto all your GLADS Karen. Thank you for making us feel glad today. I thought it was going to be about planting bulbs....but no, something more creative and insightful.

I was thinking of your new position of being a Shoemama, how fun it is going to be. I will see you soon,