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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Pat On The Back

I am giving myself a pat on the back.
You see, I got myself off the couch
After working all day
And got my bod over to the pool
Did you hear that?
I donned a swimsuit at 8:30 PM
Dashed from the warm locker room
100 feet of nice chilly 48 degrees cold
And slid into the pool
(must I remind you... this is an outdoor pool)
The first 25 yards were a bit shocking to the system
But the remaining 1475 felt good
Don't you think I deserve a pat on the back?
Well, I think I do....
Thank you very much


Martha said...

Wow to go K! I can hardly drag myself to the Y fully clothed in sweatpants on these chilly days! You are an inspiration to your little sister.

Janet said...

How about a hug and a pat on the back? Sooo cool! (literally in your scoot to the pool) Keep up the good work.