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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday Celebration in SF

My sisters and I
(all but our youngest, who is unfortunately,
fighting off a dreaded flu/nasty cold)
motored to SF for our annual birthday celebration
for our dear sister Mary.
I'm not sure how many years we have been doing this,
I can assure you, it has been many...

we came bearing gifts, flowers, and food, ready to party
at her cool condo (built in the twenties)
in the city by the bay.

Isn't she just adorable?

but first, let me tell you about "Mary", or "Mare" as some call her.
Mary is the "smartest"
she started reading when she was four
and hasn't stopped since
she has books lining the walls and piled high on her coffee table
or any surface throughout her home.
she has so many books, sometimes she forgets what she has and
purchases duplicate copies. oops!

she went to Stanford as an undergraduate
and Hastings Law school for her JD
sometimes I would go visit her, attend some of her classes
and pretend that I was one of those smart Stanford students.
I thought that maybe by rubbing shoulders with them
some of their smartness would transfer through osmosis...didn't work.

she loves to travel..I can't keep up with all the places she's been
she has been to Europe a gazillion times
I think France and Italy are her two favorites. maybe Japan is upthere too.

she has so many interests...and is continually taking classes
right now I think it is watercolor

she loves movies and is always up to date with the latest...
if it is out, Mary most likely has seen it

she has the most exquisite clothes, perfumes, furnishings, and shoes...
oh, the SHOES! they are a work of art in and by themselves
as a teenager, Mary would purchase beautiful clothes and shoes
but would only have a handful hanging in her closet
she still purchases beautiful clothes and shoes
but has a LOT in her closets
in fact the closets are f.i.l.l.e.d.
I have been the recipient of many of her toss aways
and never fail to get complements
every time I wear them

I could go on....
but let's get back to our celebration...

we grazed all afternoon.
started off with crackers, artichoke dip, a medley of olives,
and shrimp with cocktail sauce

next up was soup.
we had two kinds, chilled asparagus garnished with a dollop of greek yogourt
and corn chowder (the same chowder I took to Ronald McDonald House)
with fresh baked bread from Acme Bakery (in Berkeley)
See the beautiful china above? I understand that it is very rare..
especially since it is no longer made.
There are two people in the United States who own it,
my sister and Larry Ellison from Oracle ...
at least that is what I heard.

We then we had the vegetable torte,
(from Barefoot Contessa, again...it is SO good)
this time I took a picture of it.
actually, my sister took a picture of me holding it.
a butter lettuce salad with avocado and shrimp dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette
my mouth is watering as I write this.

we were stuffed..
so, we all ventured down to Fillmore Street,
a very hip and hopping area in SF
to visit the shops..we do this every year.
I didn't purchase a thing,
but Judy did
check out the adorable duds here
she got them for her new little granddaughter
what a bargain! one buck each.

came back, lit the candles, and sang happy birthday to our honoree
devoured a delish lemon pound cake (another Barefoot Contessa recipie)
with whipped cream and strawberries.

Oh...so much fun with my sisters.

Cheerio...until next year.

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GwennyMac said...

What a beautiful lunch...that soup looks so delicious! (I'll just pretend that I was there to enjoy it and enjoy my sisters' company!)

Happy Birthday Mary!