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Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Feet

Hey up there!

You've made me so happy. I wanted to jump for joy as we crossed the threshold of "Just Nails" on Friday. I could barely contain myself. It has been over a year since you treated me with a full fledged pedi. If I had lips, I would kiss you.

It felt so good to be scraped, snipped, rubbed, oiled, squeezed, pulled, rubbed again, painted, and polished. I was in nirvana.. If I could, I would have climbed to the highest mountain and hollered, " I just had the best pedi ever!" I am all silky smooth now...no more hanging, jagged, rough nails. No more rough, cracked heals. No more scratchy skin. MMMM..love,love,love! What a cool ruby red polish...makes it hard to miss those toes doesn't it! Now that the weather is warming up, could we start wearing sandals so I can shine? No more hiding under those shoes.

We do have a tad more work on the underside. It would help if you would cover me up whenever you go outside, especially when you work in the yard. At least you could put on some flip flops. Please. Remember that incident in Utah where you stepped on a bolt at your cousin's house? That was no fun. It hurt me terribly. Should have cured your bare foot habit forever.

I know, it feels so good when you let me be naked as I carry you across the lawn or along the beach (oh that sand feels SO good) or when you immerse me in cool water on a hot day. But, please, when you walk on the gravel on the pathways in the back yard...oh, that hurts something fierce. Please cover me up. Again, bare minimum...flip flops.

You take care of me like that, I'll take you wherever your little heart desires. We have lots of walking, running, hopping, skipping, swimming to do together...many many more years. Keep on applying the lotions, creams, salves...scrub me with your brush and give me some good rubs..In return, I will carry you very far..lots of places to go, things to do, people to meet and things to accomplish.

Hugs and Kisses.

Your loving two (and only) feet.


Molly said...

When I was little I used to run all over our property with bare feet. That meant I even stepped on those nasty goat head thorns! I seriously can't believe I used to pull them out of my feet like it was nothing. But I sure loved being barefoot. I still do...

Janet said...

Oh my goodness . . what an adorable post! I loved it! This morning as I pulled on my socks on (because I think it is winter again here in Utah) I thought to myself, "I really must tend to these feet". I LOVE the red polish. Sassy! And I remember the bolt incident clearly! So sorry that ruined your visit. Love you! Walk Happy . . .