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Friday, May 7, 2010


a flutter of activity caught my eye around the drain pipe jutting from the brick wall outside my office window.

birds darting back and forth, carrying sticks and twigs and foliage
from trees firmly gripped between their beaks,
building and fluffing a nest inside the cavity in the wall.

at times a foreigner approached to request
entrance to the round abode,
flapping wings ensued, a bit of squawking too,
and the intruder is shooed away.


looking forward to that day sometime in the end of May where I can watch mama and papa bring worms, and bugs, and other delights tightly gripped between their beaks to feed the open mouths of the wee little ones snuggled inside the pipe in the wall.

oh with great anticipation I can't wait to see the little fluffs of feathers emerge and fly away.


Molly said...

What if it rains?? Will the nest be washed out with the gutter water? I always worry about those thing.

Jeanette said...

Ah Spring! We had babies learning how to fly in our yard the other day... and the kids got to hold them.

Adeline said...

love the edit!!