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Monday, May 24, 2010


I do not like snails.

(the morning's harvest, just prior to their demise)

Because they do this....

and this...

to my newly planted flowers.

I am surprised at the joy I feel in "capturing" the snails and/or

hearing the crunch as I smash them underfoot .

It takes a lot of effort and expense to care for the plants and annuals in my garden.

I am not going to allow this pesky little terrestrial mollusk to destroy my efforts.

That is why I show no mercy...

(By the way, I have never tasted, nor do I ever want to taste, escargot)


Molly said...

My mom just picks them up and throws them down hard onto the walkway as she's weeding. Perhaps you could find some satisfaction through that as well without even having to stand up to step on them. :) Although your way may be more humane.

Packet of Seeds said...

I do that too... and receive great satisfaction in it! Is that morbid or what?
In addition, I failed to mention what is about to occur with the mollusks in the pail...salt is involved.

Jeanette said...

Yuck! I am glad you show them no mercy. And for the record, I like DARK chocolate and goatees, as long as they are kept to stubble length... when Paul had to shave his when he got called to be a high councilor I was so bummed. Oh well... :)