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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Buzz Cuts

Whats with all the buzz cuts? It seems like more moms are buzzing their boy's hair, chopping it off in the shortest possible way.

I am going to be honest and direct: I do not like buzzed hair on boys.

I am a firm believer of equality so if it makes you feel any better, I don't like it on girls either.

It makes me think of someone in the military, or in jail, or those who ride Harley Davidsons and wear thick black leather jackets or those who were in concentration camps. At least keep some hair on top, especially if the the little chap has curls or waves. Why do you want to make him bald now...let that happen naturally..if by chance your little one is the unfortunate recipient of those genes that makes his hair fall out and never grow back.

I never buzzed my son...I tried cutting his hair and to be honest, those haircuts looked like it too...they screamed, "Another horrible haircut complements of the mother!" I finally started taking him to the barber. Patrick was his name and Peter would go only to him. Patrick always did a very fine job. It cost me $$ (I'm glad I only had one boy!) but it was so worth it. Peter looked so cute after his fresh hair cut with a tad of hair gel rubbed in.

I can hear you buzzing moms already..."It is so much easier to take care of" or "It grows out" or "It is easier to "cut" hair this way at home"...yada yada yada. I still don't like shaved heads.

To make you feel any better, I don't like real long hair on boys either. Nothing is more embarrassing when you think the youngster is a girl and she is really a he. I don't like long hair on big boys either. You know, the ones who pull their hair back in a thin stringy ponytail. And then sometimes they have a scraggly beard on the face. yuk. yuk.

Since we are on the subject of hair, I don't like goatees either. It looks like you can't quite decide whether to have or not to have a beard. You have a "half 'n half" kind of thing. Don't like it a bit...and just for the record, most girls/women I know don't like them either. I am so glad my guy shaved his beard (long long ago when we were first dating) and has no interest in growing any facial hair (except at girls camp or when we are on vacation, to my dismay)...If he did grow a beard, it would be all grey/white and it would make him look really old. To be honest, it really isn't very fun to smooch a guy with a stubbly, scratchy beard.

Well, this is only my opinion.


Judy said...

Interesting opinions about hair. In the military one can expect it. In prison --- one loses their freedom of choice pretty much. If you have cancer, the choice to have long hair goes away during treatment. I remember some really weird hair back in high school and now it is back IN style to do what ever. I think it is pretty cute on this little kid --- plus he got a lollipop. L and C. love their new haircuts too. I am thankful the freedom to choose if possible.

Packet of Seeds said...

I am really talking about preference, not about choice/freedom. Little boys with buzzed heads are adorable no matter what. My point is, if you've got hair, why not show it off! I just prefer hair that is clean, neat, shiny and long enough to run your fingers through it (not too long and not too short)...just like in the Three Bears: not too hot, and not too cold..or not too soft and not too hard..JUST RIGHT. It is only my opinion.

mj said...

yay! someone who feels the same way i do about buzz cuts! i think they're 100% unattractive. sure, they're easy, but why do you have to be lazy just because you have a boy? :)

Adeline said...

the problem comes when guys that are losing their hair try to show off the hair they've got left... buzzed hair looks supremely better on balding men.