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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sneek a Peak Week 16

A few pics of what is blooming in my garden these days:
Drought tolerant "Phlomis fruticosa",
the common name is Jerusalem Sage.
I love the soft buttery yellow flower whorls on the tall stems
towering above oval wrinkley felted green leaves.
Cotinus coggygria (Royal Purple Smoke Tree)
between a couple of lavenders and Bowles Mauve.
It is called smoke tree because of the panicles
of spent flowers that appear like puffs of smoke around the plant.

Here is a close up:

Succulents are wonderful for they require very little water.
This is an aeonium (Zwartkop) which comes from Africa.
I planted a four inch pot with one "rosette" in the fall..
six months later, look what I have!

Iceberg.. this pure white rose is prolific and easy to grow.
It is especially wonderful in the moonlight.

Joseph's Coat against the fence...love the multi colored flowers.
Not sure how that weed on the left snuck in there!

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Oh that's just beautiful!