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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peek Into My Sewing Room

Adeline says to me, "Your sewing room looks pretty but when are you going to start sewing?"

DZ chimes in, "I think she gets more pleasure in just decorating..."

Ok...I heard enough already. I thought, you haven't seen nothing yet!

So, I went to work. Beautiful has been threaded, each spool of thread in its proper slot...the fabrics are cut...and we have been humming. I won't show you what I have been creating yet since I am giving them as gifts and you wouldn't want me to ruin the surprise would you?

Sewing and creating is so much more fun when you have your tools and supplies organized, and all in one place. Also, it is nice to have a whole room! If one's attention is required elsewhere, all you do is shut the door to the mess.

Do you want a peek at my sewing room thus far?

The bookcase came from DZ's grandmother's house. I painted it gloss white and love the fresh look. I bought the "flower" rug at Ikea. I've seen the same rug placed in a child's bedroom..I like the cheerfulness it brings to my room. The little green child's desk came from DZ's childhood (I think his dad made it for his brother)...and makes the perfect table to hold my small ironing board. Notice the Liberty of London round boxes? They hold sewing tools, patterns. The can with the flower under the table was for dirty laundry ..I've repurposed it as my garbage can...it sits at the perfect height to throw in the scraps. The chair is an actual "sewing chair" and came from a seamstress in town. and the enamel topped table was once used in a doctor's office.

And check out the vintage iron ...I bet you can't guess where I got it... ...at an estate sale!

Initially, I thought it would just be a great thing to place on a shelf, you know, a "decorative object". But oh no, as I was putting together a doll quilt top this weekend, my Rowenta iron was just too big and heavy, so I decided to try out the iron, and waaalaaah...it works perfectly, is lightweight and even has a reservoir for water if you are in need of some steam. I am in love with this little iron. Plus, I love the black and chrome. You might think I am a bit crazy oohing and aahhing about an iron. Well maybe I am...in more ways than this one.

More to come as soon as I get my dear DZ to hang some shelves and other things.


Natalie said...

Ooohh I do love it. I love your threads in color order and the chrome of the iron is just so cool. An ironing board right next to the sewing machine is a must, I have learned in my limited sewing experience. I'm glad you have a space just for your creativity. I want to see it in person!

Martha said...

Love the lighting K!

GwennyMac said...

The VP of User Experience at Google came and spoke today (she must be about 30, but that's another story!)...anyway, she talked about a sport called "Extreme Ironing"...cracked me up. Here's the site for it: http://www.extremeironing.com/

Anyway...just a thought if you and that cool iron are feeling adventurous!

Love your sewing room Karen!