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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Whatsup With This Weather?

It has been unseasonably cool this spring.

It is cloudy right now and is suppose to rain today.

We usually have rain, but not cold rain.

Right now it is 53 degrees, up from a low overnight of 38 degrees. That is cold for around here.

Can you believe it snowed on Mt. Diablo!

This is unusual for April 1st.

On the bright side, my blooms have lasted longer due to the cool weather.

I am also grateful for the rain, for I don't have to water.

I do wish I could put away the winter attire...getting a little tired of the gray, black and navy....

and pull out the spring cottons, bright colors and sandals.

All in due time....my pretty...all in due time.


Molly said...

I'm freeeeeezing. I rode my bike to work today and my feet just don't want to warm up. I could use some sun. (But I certainly don't hate the rain.)

Judy said...

WE all agree....It snowed again yesterday. The sun will emerge again too. HAPPY EASTER anyway

Janet said...

Here in Utah we woke to snow on Easter morning and then again this morning. The forecast says possible 2 more inches on the valley floor. I am so ready for spring time weather! But . . . I must have gratitude for the moisture - another miracle from heaven.