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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Estate Sale Finds

Undoubtedly you already know

One of the things that brings me much joy

Is finding

Treasures at estate sales (or thrift stores)

I know what you are thinking

That woman does not need anymore stuff

Don't worry

I haven't forgotten my pledge made

At the beginning of the year

The one where the garage will be cleaned out by Dec. 31st

(I still have 9 months to go)

I know you haven't seen the garage lately

But if you could

You'd see that it is still pretty crowded in there

Things have found a new homes

But,then there are things that have joined the group

Of items sitting out on that cold, hard, cement floor

In spite of the aforementioned...

Martha and I hit TWO estate sales on Saturday

One estate saw our pretty faces twice

(once on Friday...and again on Saturday)

The second day is always better

Because the cheap prices are even cheaper

Especially since it was Easter weekend

They wanted the stuff out....

You must understand this hobby

We are rescuing the items from being tossed

Because that is where a lot of it goes

I know we don't NEED any of it

But you will never know the joy it brings


To reuse, recycle, and find new purposes

For these little treasures

Here is a glimpse of my finds

(The vintage purses are from I. Magnin, the three candlestick holders are from Japan, the little giraffe will be added to my baby shower collection, the hammered aluminum ice bucket will be re purposed in my office or sewing room, the measuring cups will be used as scoopers for flour/sugar, the candles in their boxes will be displayed, the embroidered apron will be used, the aluminum teapot with red bakelight will be given as a gift, the green plastic measuring spoons and the baster in its original box will be used)

(A cake plate with aluminum top has already been used to display our Easter carrot cupcakes)

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Jeanette said...

... and that is just why your home is so lovely and soulful.