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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Latest Finds

Went to a very fun estate sale in Los Altos this past weekend. The woman was getting rid of the stuff from the family home she grew up in. We are similar in age, so many of the items for sale were from the 50's , 60's and 70's.

Just wanted to share some of my finds...
(Left the price tag on ... can you believe I got it for 1 buck!!)

Found this very cool, vintage water jug.
It is in perfect shape...all except for a missing lid.
I've been searching for a replacement lid on line..to no avail.
Lucky for me, my fellow thrifting sisters (G and M)
went to Urban Ore in Berkeley and tadaa..found a lid!
It isn't the original "chrome" lid, but it is a lid!
I can't wait for our next family gathering, or a picnic,
where I will serve some yummy lemonade or sparkling punch.
I really don't think Therma-Jug has ever been used!

Here are some more fun treasures:

And for 10 cents each, I purchased several flower frogs
(to add to my collection),
a green vase/bowl and two boxes of Plastite, in their original boxes.
I am really not quite sure how to use the stuff
but the boxes looked so neat I just HAD to pick them up.
A new spot has already been selected to display these items
out in the garden shed.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

For 10 cents, a very unique type of flower arranger
with an instruction booklet, in its original box.
I can't wait to try it out!

Purchased many more small treasures
but will post some on a future post
after I take before/after pictures.

Toodles (I haven't said that in about thirty-five years!)

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