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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sock Widows

These baskets are filled with sock widows.

The top one is for sport socks (white)

The bottom basket is for dress socks (dark)

It seems like every time I remove laundry from the dryer, I have at least one sock missing.

I swear, two matching socks go into the washing machine, but somewhere between placing the clothes IN the washing machine and pulling the clothes OUT from the dryer, at least one sock (of a pair) is MIA

You'd think both socks could disappear at the same time.

Oh no...not that simple.

I can put two pairs of socks (different styles) in and can lose one sock from each style...not two socks from the same...so now I have two widows. How frustrating is that?

Here are some proposed solutions to my dilemma:

1. Throw all the widows away (oh that sounds so sad) and buy a dozen pairs of socks...all of one kind, that way, if one goes missing, I can at least match up the widow with another of the same kind. (This is the most expensive proposition for I have spent a lot of $$ on socks...I am always hoping the matching sock will show up ..and occasionally it does)

2. Place all socks in a mesh bag and throw that in the machine. (Do the socks get clean enough this way? Wouldn't it take longer for the socks to dry?).

3. Pin the socks together.. if one goes missing, both socks go to sock heaven (this seems like the best solution to me)

In the meantime, until I purchase a packet of pins, I will continue to go to the gym or on my hikes with mismatched socks.

I hope no one notices..


Natalie said...

My mom has HUGE baskets like you have. She calls them the "Sock Singles Ward".

Bettcha a 100 bucks she writes a comment mentioning it. :)

I'm surprised you have so many socks. Thought my dear uncle hardly wore socks and only flip flops. ???

Adeline said...

haha... The Sock Singles Ward. That's awesome.

Judy said...

Yes, Natalie is correct. I have less feet at our home too and still there is the sock singles ward. At this time I am trying to do the match up game. It seems like SO MANY still opt for the singles life. Well....they have a purpose too and that is to do dusting or cleaning to the point of then going in the trash. Some how it annoys me that some people actually match up their socks and put them into their dresser drawers. (Actually I am envious they can get that far) We grew up with a sock basket in the family room so that is our WAY. Hail to the sock basket Karen

Janet said...

I am the only one that lives in my house and I EVEN HAVE MISSING SOCKS AFTER A WASH OR DRY!!!! How does that happen? Mysterious!

Molly said...

I only wear the white ankle socks from Costco or the black ankle socks. I just buy a big pack and throw them all in my drawer. I never need to match socks and I never notice if I lose one. It really is the way to go. Now Christian's dress socks? That's a different story. He's on his own with those. They get lost all the time.

Anonymous said...

Sock Singles Ward...ha ha!! What a crackup.