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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Liberty of London

Have you been to Target lately?

Have you seen those pink and white signs

Hanging from the ceiling throughout the store?

Have you heard of Liberty of London?

If you haven't heard...it is a company from London

(hence their name!)

A little synopsis of their history can be found here and here.

I like the Asian influence..more specifically the Japanese kimonos

I also like the romantic feel of their fabrics

The colors, the patterns and the style ....

So, since I am unable to travel across the pond to London

The next best bet was to travel across town to


Not quite the same, but I can pretend can't I?

I won't show you all my purchases (notice the plural)

But I'd like to share one thing I got:

Now, wouldn't you feel like quite the stylish gardener

Wearing a pair of these while you pull weeds?

1 comment:

mj said...

so i'm loving all things liberty of london, but hadn't seen these (probably because i have no weeds to pull). but they're a PERFECT mother's day gift for my mother in law!!!