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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feed the Birds

I love waking to the sound of birds chirping early in the morning.

This morning as I left to go to the gym, the birds were all up, yacking away.

Have you wondered what they talk about?

Maybe they tell each other where they plan to travel for the day.

Maybe they tell each other the best yards for food.
A cool bird feeder Martha picked up for me, you guessed it... at an estate sale.

Maybe they tell each other where the tallest trees grow or the best pyracantha bushes, you know the ones that make the birds drunk, where the birds get disorientated and fly into windows.

Maybe they tell each other the yards to avoid..the ones with dogs and cats.

Maybe they tell each other the best place for a bath.

Purchased over 25 years ago at an estate in San Jose.

I can hear it all now, in bird language: "Hey, fly over on over to the Z's yard. There are bird feeders, bird houses and bird baths. Watch out, though, they have a big fat black cat! He is so fat, he has a hard time getting off the ground and up in a tree, so you are pretty safe."

This morning I loaded up my bird feeders with seeds...
and filled the baths with fresh water...

and now I wait for the birds to come to visit.
They are all welcome.... unless they are crows.

Crows, you are not welcome. I do not like you. You remind me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Birds". You are loud and annoying.
Ask my sister Martha about crows...she has several resident crows that perch in the trees surrounding her yard. They follow her wherever she goes ..when she is in the front, they are there..when she goes in the back, they follow her. I kid you not. Sometimes they dive bomb her. They sit outside her bedroom window and caw...I really think they know it annoys her. They steal lunches from the school yard nearby and bring them to the bird bath, dip the sandwiches in the water, and then leave the garbage. Crows...you have very bad manners and can all go away!

So for now, I sit by my bird baths, feeders and houses and wait for the birds to come for a visit...all except for the crows.

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