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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sneak a Peek Week 13

I love the growth that first appears

on rose bushes in the spring

the delicate purple/brown and green leaves

sprouting from the canes

tiny buds in their infant state starting to emerge

waiting for the warm spring sunshine

to feed their growth

these first spring rose blooms are

always the best

tulips blooming all over

some of my favorites, such as the pale pink Esther above

combined with Maureen

pink and white...mmmm so girly

the coppery purple leaves are just now sprouting forth on the smoke bush

later in the spring, blossoms that look like little poofs of smoke
(that's the reason for the name)


are you getting a feel for the colors I like?


my first bloom on this climbing rose

which entwines with a clematis (Montana) which has just started blooming

so delicious
whenever I step out my kitchen door

I am hit with the perfume of this


climbing and twisting all over the trellis

such a sweet aroma

as one sits beneath the canopy

unless you have allergies (which luckily I don't)

these tulips were planted several years ago

and every year they treat me

with a slightly different color

lovely mottled pink/white

What are some of your favorite flowers in the garden?

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