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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Family Ski Weekend

Our family went up to the Tahoe area this weekend. It has been several years (at least five) since we've all gone to Eben's (DZ's cousin)cabin in the winter.

The ski equipment and food all loaded in and on top of the car. All ready to take off ...along with a zillion other bay area crazy skiers. With traffic, it took us about five hours to get to the cabin.

This is Eben's cabin...covered with tons of the white stuff. The front door is totally covered in snow.
The side door is actually 15 feet above ground--there is a flight of stairs under the snow.

Although skiing can be quite pricey, I feel it is so worth it. It is something our family can do and enjoy together . Well, we ski together, sort of...once we get to the top of the mountain, DZ and the kids usually take off like rockets and leave me in the dust. I used to ski fast, but my legs just don't cooperate as much anymore.

Sophie and David trying to get up after a fall.

Adeline and DZ at the top of Mt. Lincoln--we were in a cloud--and it was softly snowing all day, which made for the most DEEVINE powder snow skiing ever!

Does DZ look like he is having fun? Check out the poles, he has been using them for forty years.

Love the ice formation on the lift sign.

A very happy but very tired skier at the end of the day...

Kids having...

fun in the...

..... snow.

DZ playing cards with Adeline.

Relaxing and reading after a day on the slopes. Notice the flip flops on DZ's feet.
Adeline stuck in the snow.

The lovebirds, Sophie and David.

Peter with adorable Joann

The proud creators of Mr. Marshmellowman.
What wonderful memories to treasure.


GwennyMac said...

What a blast!!! Looks like everyone had fun!

Natalie said...

What a fun weekend! Brings back memories of staying at that cozy cabin. I love the warmth of the indoor shots. See you this weekend!

Janet said...

What a Winter Wonderland! And such a great memory now in your Book of Life. I love the Panda hat! Fashion on the slopes. I love the photo of David - in flip flops! Such a character. Thanks for sharing your family weekend.

Judy said...

Wow....I am glad you got everybody together there. I love that place and yes you got it warmed up in there with David wearing the flipflops! The snow now is awesomeness at higher elevations