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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meet Johanna and Albert

I'd like you to meet Albert Peltzer

who married Johanna

(sometimes referred to as "Jane" or "Ma" or "Grandma")

I've never met these two people but I feel that I know them.What do you mean you know them, you ask.

How could you know them when they died over 45 years ago?

Art, Albert, Erna, Johanna, Ann, Ilse, and Al standing

Well, Johanna and Albert had five wonderful children, one of which was DZ's mother, Ilse.
(In addition to Ilse, I did know Art, Ann and Erna)

I have sifted through thousands of 95+ year old negatives, and from those negatives,

I have had 100's of pictures printed.

Albert took most of the photos and most (95%) are of his children ....
or Johanna....

As I have perused , stared at, and studied each photo,

I have felt the love Albert and Johanna had for each other and for their family.

For example, when Johanna would ask Albert to do or get something, his response was:

"Your wish is my command!"

(I have been trying to get DZ to adopt the same mantra...but to no avail)

Behind every picture is a story....

I only wish I had a chance to hear or read the stories

behind the many pictures of the Peltzer family.

Through organizing their documents,

reading their letters,

and gazing at their pictures,

I've uncovered a mere snippet of their lives.

I will meet these dear people some day.

Oh, the questions I want to ask!

So, in the meantime....

let's talk with our loved ones....


pull out those photo albums...

share those stories...

record ....

write it down....

and preserve it for future generations ....

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I LOVE these pictures!!!