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Monday, February 8, 2010

A Night in Madera

My sisters, Martha and Gayle, and I motored to Madera to visit our niece, Natalie and her little family. My other sister, Judy, came down from her mountain top home in Auberry and met us there.

Martha chauffeured, Gayle navigated and I kicked back in the rear seat. I enjoyed watching the green grassy hills, the goats, the cows and the sheep, float on by. February is a wonderful time of the year in California for EVERYTHING is so green.

On our way down, we made a little detour to Chowchilla (the town made famous 40 years ago for the goons who hijacked and buried a school bus with children and a driver inside). We found the last thrift store in town. We love thrifting....here are some of the treasures I bought:

An original oil painting of sunny flowers that I purchased for $2 --- I love finding original art for so cheap. All I have to do is find a cool frame for it. I have a box in the attic filled with old frames I 've collected over the years. Or I can hang it as is.... I just need to find the perfect spot on the wall to hang it.

A Japanese painting on wood, purchased for $1.00....
and a nick knack shelf to display miniatures:

I found a hand made cross-stitch with "Families Are Forever" stitched in the center surrounded by yellow and orange flowers. The minute I saw it, I thought, "What a perfect housewarming gift for Natalie's kitchen!" It now proudly hangs in her kitchen.

We came bearing gifts for Logan who turned three last week..

And then headed out in the rain to visit the town...Here are my three sisters at the fruit market ...housed in a purple building!

Wouldn't you want to enter a store with a sign like this:

Back to Natalie's cozy home...to devour stew, homemade bread and salad. Scrumptious.
We celebrated Gayle's birthday with songs, candles and flags.

And little boys who want to blow out candles again....
and again...
and again....
and again.

What adorable boys:

I couldn't stop clicking.

Natalie lives in farm country where you will find orange groves, and pistachio orchards down the street...
Where beehives are placed nearby....filled with thousands of bees who will kiss the blossoms the moment the buds pop....

What a lovely trip....

with so many memories to be placed in the bank.


Natalie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the trip, I sure did. Logan LOVES the block game you gave him! Pleas come again!

Anonymous said...

You really captured our wonderful little trip! It was a blast!