09 10

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sneak a Peek Week 10

This week...

A shining sun brought forth warmth for
Blooming bulbs,
Tidying up the garden,
Trimming the roses,
Weeding, feeding, planting and raking,

I love the sun.

Here's what's blooming and growing:

I believe these daffodils have grown a couple of inches this past week, alone!

I love being greeted by the blooming sweet smelling paperwhites by the front door.

And a perfectly shaped pink camelia

(don't know the name for it was here when we moved in)

All the roses have been pruned and the new "purply" red growth has already popped out.

A Clematis armandii snowdrift climbing the fence.

I was intently pulling weeds from the planter boxes by the fence (yes, I DO get weeds!), and caught a whiff of something smelling so sweet. My first thought was, my neighbor Linda must have something wonderful blooming next door. A few minutes later I happen to look up and yes indeed that sweet smell emanated from my very own evergreen clematis climbing the fence. I couldn't believe my eyes...the last time I noticed, this vine was covered in buds..and all of a sudden it is covered in beautiful white flowers.

Here is another picture:I LOVE IT!

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