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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sneak a Peek Week 8

It has been awhile since my last garden peek.

The garden soaked up the copious amounts of rain last month.

Here's a peek of what is happening in my garden, this first week in February:

The daffodil, Cheerfulness, is in bloom by the front path.

Blooming daffodils always make me happy.

Sweet and wonderful daphne in full bloom.

I love this winter flower.

I like to pick a sprig and place it in a small vase on my nightstand.

I drift off to slumberland with the aroma of daphne swirling in my head.

Paperwhites in pots by the front door.

So nice to come home and be greeted with the delicious scent of these flowers.

It is always so encouraging when I see the tips of daffodils emerging from of the soil.

Another storm is heading our way....

Button down the hatches!

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