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Saturday, February 20, 2010


My Dad is wizard, especially when it comes to computers.

On top of that, he is very smart and kind and wonderful and..

(I will save the rest for another post).

Back to my old sick and slow computer.... it was so sick with infection,

I took it to Dr. Dad.

(Dr. Dad is the go to man when any of the computers in our family get sick).

The old Dell (from "hell") needed a thorough clean out and checkup.

It had been ignored far too long.

It had not been updated, defragged, or cleaned in ...

well I'm embarrassed to tell you...

let's say... more than 365 days.

I know, that is very bad for a computer.

I promise I will repent and be better.

Anyway, Dr. Dad determined there was too little memory,

the hard drive was too small (for all the things I want to do)


he couldn't get rid of ALL the "infections".


Dr. Dad diagnosed that I needed an upgrade.

Dr. Dad performed his magic.

He put together a fast, sleek, and powerful computer,

which sits next to the new printer and a new scanner

on my desk in the corner of the study.

Let me introduce you to ....."Bluelight".

You might be wondering, why would you pick the name "Bluelight?"

That sounds like a special at a diner, not a name for a computer.

See that blue light on the PC in the picture above?

That tiny light projects an iridescent blue glow across the room at night.

So, that is why he is called Bluelight.

You see, I've already been cranking ...

scanning (on a my new scanner, which, by the way, is FANTASTIC!)

blogging (which I'm doing right now)




and connecting with friends.

Bluelight and I are BFF

P.S. Bluelight needed a tidy place to live so I spent the entire day purging, cleaning, organizing and decorating my end of the study. Oh, it feels so good to be organized!


Natalie said...

Yes, Dells are from Hell. :) Makes me laugh to hear Opa say that.

Love the new computer and your new corner of communication.

By the way, I have told a few of my dear friends of your fantastic blog! :)

GwennyMac said...

As impressed as I am with dad's computer magic...(I always am)...I'm amazed (and jealous!) at how CLEAN your office is!!

Sophia said...

Just make sure "Bluelight" doesn't get any "blue screens of death". Otherwise you might have to take it back to Dr. Opa again. :)

Adeline said...

you already said you had a "bff" here: http://packetofseeds.blogspot.com/2010/01/beauty-and-mein-love.html

what's up with that??