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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sneak a Garden Peek Week 4

You probably have your Christmas decorations carefully placed around your home--your lights are up, your tree is positioned in its perfect spot, and your sparkly ornaments are meticulously hung. Well, our many Christmas decoration boxes are down from the attic, but continue to sit in the garage..... waiting..... waiting to be opened.

This week I thought I would introduce some of my "garden" decorations along with a few blooming things.

This welcome orb is positioned adjacent to the walkway to our front door. It aptly expresses how I want my friends to feel when they come to visit--to feel welcome not only in my garden, but in my home.
One of my favorite flowers is the camellia (I have many "favorite" flowers). White is my favorite color, perhaps because I like how the white contrasts with the deep green leaves. There are hundreds of buds ready to pop on these two bushes. Most of the leaves in the large maple tree in the front yard have finally dropped and cover the front walkway and part of the driveway. My Prince Charming (DZ) disguised as a frog sitting in a bath of maple leaves.

The lone rose blooming in the rose garden. You know we've had a warm fall/winter because the rose bushes have new growth on the branches.

This is one of three camphor trees in the front yard. I love the green "moss" on the bark. My kids would climb these trees when they were young.
Red berries from a flowering cherry. Look at how the rain clings to the berries--it almost looks fake.

I feel so close to my Heavenly Father whenever I am in nature. I love the mountains, I love the seashore and I love gardens. I find such peace, joy and safety in my own garden. I am grateful for the beauty God has created.

Hoping you find peace and happiness especially during this Christmas season...Till next week... stay warm and dry.

(Did you notice the green, red, white color theme on this post?)


Natalie said...

I loved climbing that tree right next to your front door. It was so fun to peek in the little window into the entry way.

Judy said...

Thank you for sharing your garden steps and lovely looks. I always laugh when I think of your neighbors asking you if you are the paid gardener they love looking at it so much.