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Monday, December 7, 2009

It Rained! It Hailed! It Snowed!

Last night as I was snuggled in bed, I heard the sound of rain tapping on the roof. I wanted to jump out of bed and holler a gigantic hallelulia.

Later on, I awoke to the sound of pebbles hitting the roof and peered out the window and saw that it was hailing out on our deck--

When I came downstairs for breakfast, I turned on the local news to see what happened overnight and lo and behold, snow frosted lawns, rooftops and decks at rarely visited levels in the Bay Area, sitting as low as a reported 360 feet in Alamo. Sticky snowman fodder draped the surrounding hills above 1000 feet in a stunning white sheen. I wonder if the kids got a "snow day" since it is so rare to receive a blanket of snow in our area.

I hope the heavens just open their gates and let it pour! I hear we are in for more cold weather this week.


Jeanette said...

I love seeing the snow on the tops of the hills here in M.H. Our family made a flurry of coffee filter snowflakes on Monday and they are now all over our windows!

Adeline said...

it hailed? where was i?