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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sneak a Peek Week 5: Garden Gates

We moved into our house over 23 years ago and this gate was attached to our back porch.

Four years later, we removed the gate when we remodeled. And it has been sitting there by the side of the house all these years. I like how it is rusty and weathered. A couple of weeks ago, it was used in the creche exhibit... including the rust, the spider webs and the dirt. I like the curves, the patina--I really like this gate. I want to place it in my yard. I just can't decide where .

One vision is to place it in the front and have an entry way like this:

But that might be a bit too fancy for my house.

I have always had a dream of creating a secret garden and I would use the gate as an entrance to that hidden garden. One of my favorite books is "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett--It would be so neat to have a "walled garden" covered with vines and foilage! I envision having a garden within in my garden. My very own place to nurture and care for my special plants-- hidden from all the craziness of the world. My garden could emit its healing powers just like in the book and ---oh, it sounds like I am describing is my very own backyard! I just need some more space....well, I guess that is not going to happen.

Another idea would be to place the gate across the brick walkway along the utility side of the house. I've always wanted a divider between the place where we put the garbage cans and toter, and the "formal" garden.

What do you think? Where should I place this gate? I do want to keep the rust, the spider webs and the dirt.

I know something to add to my Christmas "list"--someone to hang my gate (Peter?...).


GwennyMac said...

It's beautiful...a piece of art. I'd hang in on a wall on the outside of the house.

karen said...

That is a very interesting idea! I didn't even think of that.