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Monday, December 28, 2009

I am Thinking.....

The Thinker Statue
I am....

...thinking about how wonderful it was to have family over during the Christmas holiday;

...wearing one of the bargains I found at the day after Christmas sale. (Banana Republic had a super sale--30% off the already on sale items, found several tops, and also found some fantastic bargains at Anthropologie);

...thankful for a warm home, food in the refrigerator and family to love;

...creating a place to set out my new Babylock serger machine (never owned one before, look forward to learning how to use this magnificant machine and can't wait to get those sewing juices flowing);

...going to plant all remaining bulbs --this week;

...cleaning out my pantry and craft closets by Saturday (you know it is time when things spill out when you open the door or there is so much on the floor, you can't even get to the back shelves);

...hoping it rains a lot in January..and Febrary...and March...and April ---LET IT POUR!;

...hearing pitter pat on the roof --WONDERFUL;

...exercising more to get rid of the "extra" girth; and

....planning a family ski weekend for next month.

What are you thinking/doing?


GwennyMac said...

...working...trying to get things finished up before my workmates leave for their New Year's Eve parties on Thursday. :-)

...looking at the Christmas mess I've yet to clean up! (Hopefully I'll have time this weekend!)

(Once again, I'm inspired by your unending energy!!!)

Molly said...

...organizing all my craft projects and doing them!

...making oversized pillows for my bed. I've always wanted a pretty bed.

...starting to run again. Soon I'll jump back on the bike. The pool still sounds cold, but someday I'll get back into that, too.

...trying to find my inner domestic goddess in order to actually make dinner on a regular basis. I'm failing a that, but I did make beautiful biscuits last night!

Natalie said...

...if I have any energy to paint another room.

...of keeping my goals SIMPLE this year as I will have much on my plate with two going on three youngin's.

...of relaxing after our LONG 2 week trip.

...of how much I love to be home and love my home. :)