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Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Family Christmas Gathering

My family came to my house tonight for our Annual Family Christmas Party. I love having my family over.
We traditionally celebrate our gathering on the Sunday afternoon before Christmas. I am lucky that all of my sisters (except for one) and my brother live close by --within an hour's drive. We missed having our sister who lives outside of Fresno with us this year. Maybe next year we can all be together.

Here is a picture of four of my sisters, my brother and my parents. My aunt Marcine in Utah sent us all a wonderful handmade gift.

You can't have a party without food... and we love to eat. The tablecloth is one used by DZ's mother (Ilse). She would always have DZ's extended family over on Christmas Day for dinner and this tablecloth was always used. Not only do I like vintage things, but it is my way of keeping her tradition alive.

My dad and I ready to dig in:

This year we had a cookie exchange. Everyone brought their favorite cookie or treat to share. For dessert, we had ice cream (peppermint and vanilla) and cookies. At the end of the evening, each family took home a plate full of yummy treats to enjoy.
My dad trying to decide which treat to pick first. Doesn't he look pretty good for 84? I believe his youthful countenance is a result of a healthy lifestyle.

Sophie and David enjoying their first Christmas together being married. Just to think a year ago they were shopping for rings (and did not let me in on it!) Don't they look so very happy?

I have a wonderful family. We enjoy being together. There is always laughter, reminiscing, and tons of fun.

I must admit that I am always a bit sad when I see the taillights of their cars drive away.

I guess I must just start planning the next get together.

PLEASE NOTE: Credit for the above photos belongs to my sister Gwen--I took one picture the whole night--I am so glad others had their cameras clicking!


Natalie said...

Beautiful photos (Gwen), what a lovely afternoon and evening. We sure missed out!

Janet said...

Karen- Are those potato bags Mom made for all of you? I use mine all the time! Your family photo's make me want to reach into the picture and hug you all. Your family is so warm and inviting!
Sending you my love and Christmas Wishes. ~Janet

Judy said...

I love my potato cooking bag. Our Aunt Marcine is such a creator. She sewed us all a pajama holding clown bag when I was 4 which I still have. I always admire her creation ability. That was 50 years ago that we received those. Thank you for setting a great example!