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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Swim This Morning

I did it

Got up

Slipped on my suit

Headed to my car

Checked the thermometer

48 degrees

Frost lingered on the roof tops

Car was cold

Thought of the trek

From the warm locker room

To the freezing pool deck


Donned my swim cap and goggles

...Inside the warm locker room

Stepped outside

Chill cut directly to my bones

Found my own lane

Slid into the water--


Sandwiched between two men

Kept up with both of them

...When swimming breast stroke

...While they swam freestyle

Think it bugged them

Like to play that kind of game

Finished a 1500

Had a nice warm shower

Had a much warmer stint in the sauna

I did it

And I feel good!


Anonymous said...

Wow K - that is VERY impressive.

-Your slug sister Martha

Judy said...

Hmmmmm sounds great to me Karen. My pool is a big ice cube - STUCK. Keep it up even if it bugs those men.