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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Weekend in Monterey

This weekend Sophia, DZ and I went down to Monterey. Sophie and DZ were completing a scuba diving class while I relaxed on the shore, explored the town and soaked up some sun. The sky was crystal clear blue, and the weather was gorgeous, although a bit nippy.

We got up early--arrived at the beach by 6:30 and saw this incredible sunrise:

Sophia preparing to take her first ocean dive:

A very confident looking DZ.

Some instruction on shore before taking the plunge.

A dizzy DZ after a day of diving.

A euphoric Sophia after completing two dives.

The beach was pristine. I am grateful to live close to such beauty.

I loved........

Walking along the shoreline;

Gazing at the glistening water;

Feeling the warm coarse sand kiss my toes;

Searching the surf for otters and sea lions;

Having sea spray tingle my face;

Getting a natural pedicure;

Listening to the call of the seagull;

Hearing the rhythmic crashing of the waves;

Finding a creature's recently vacated home;

Plunging my feet into the icy cold water, and

Letting the tide pull the sand away.

Such a marvelous weekend............

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Judy said...

It looks like a beautiful day for the ocean dive. Sophie will LOVE the warmer water of Central America. Glad you were able to go