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Saturday, November 7, 2009


I have decided to eliminate all soda from my diet, including this, my favorite:

I am sure you know that the fructose syrup in a 12 oz. can of soda is equivalent to about 12 TEASPOONS of sugar. In addition, there is roughly 35 mg caffeine, and a whole bunch of additive dyes, carbonic or phosphoric acid -- resulting in a drink with absolutely no nutritional value at all, and horrible for your teeth, bones, and figure.

Why do I even bother putting this stuff in my mouth? I've known this for a long time--in fact my kids stop drinking soda years ago.

If one consumes a 20-ounce soda every day (which I DO NOT--on the average, I probably have a couple per week) at the end of the year you will have consumed:

91,000 calories;

7,280 teaspoons of sugar; and

a potential weight gain up to 26 pounds of fat!

Think of it, instead of drinking a 12 oz.can of soda, one could enjoy eating nutritious foods that will not only fill you up, but will also increase your energy. Here are some equivalent caloric substitutes:

Two large red delicious apples, or

8 cups of air popped popcorn (without the butter), or

25 carrots (that's a lot of carrots!):

Drinking water is a much better choice. If I start craving a carbonated beverage, I will only drink sparkling mineral water.

So --if you ever see me with a can of soda in my hand, remind me of the resolution I've made today and hand me a couple of apples.

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