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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sneak a Garden Peek Week 2

My ginko tree has finally turned a brilliant gold! It usually loses its leaves before Halloween so we are a bit late this year. I noticed the ginkos on Cuesta (across from the park) are still turning but the ones at Stanford are glowing bright yellow like mine.

Do you know that ginkos were on the earth 50 million years ago? All were thought to be extinct when the ginko biloba was discovered in Asia. Ginkos are not only wonderful in a home garden but also in parks and parking strips for they stand up to smog, pests and are quite resilient. You just want to make sure you plant a male (ginkos are diecious meaning they are either male or female) because female ginkos produce slimy pods that STINK. Check out the leaves--they are fan shaped with a very distinct vein pattern.

Let's take a look inside my garden shed.....

Some very important tools I use.

A spot to pot.
And now one more look outside......

Mr. Gnome under the olive tree.

We'll take another peek next week....

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Molly said...

My parents have a ginkgo tree, too. In fact, we were just talking last weekend about how big it has gotten. They really are absolutely beautiful, especially when they turn yellow!