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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sneak a Garden Peek Week 1

During the upcoming year, I plan to share a weekly peek into what is happening in my garden.

As a gardener in California where our climate is moderate, I am grateful for the ability to be outside in my garden year round. Our cool fall provides the best time to plant, transplant and divide.

This year has been a warm fall, especially for November.

Who would think you'd see camellias blooming now?

I love impatiens. They require very little care and thrive as long as you provide adequate water. These impatiens were planted in April for Sophie's wedding, and six months later they continue their prolific bloom. The flowers will last until we get our first hard frost, at which time I will pull them and plant some tulips. Behind the impatiens you will see blooming white azaleas. I think my plants think they are in the southern hemisphere.

I am in the process of preparing this perennial border for planting bulbs:

Succulents are another great love of mine. They grow so fast, have whimsical names, require little water, and have interesting textures.

We'll sneak another peek in a week....

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Molly said...

Absolutely amazing.