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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sneak a Garden Peek Week 3

Something is not right.

Yesterday afternoon while I was planting bulbs in my garden, I heard crickets chirping! It was 70 degrees outside. It is too warm. Crickets are not suppose to be chirping in late fall!

Here we are at the end of November and our deciduous trees still have leaves. We have had some cold nights which has resulted in some colorful displays. I am aching for a good rainstorm to knock all the leaves off the tree branches. I want to light a fire in my fireplace and listen to the rain patter on the roof.

Let me take you for a spin around my garden to show you what I am talking about.

Here is a (bing) cherry tree. Notice the green leaves still clinging to the branches--all of these leaves should be gone by now!

I have three Smoke trees. Here are two in their full glory below:

I love the rustic color on this one:

Again, the leaves should be gone by now.

My crape myrtle has just begun shedding its leaves:

No leaves should be on these trees.

The Chinese Tallow is at the half way point to being fully denuded:

I love the yellow leaves of this potted Japanese maple on my front porch with two protea underneath. We have wood stacked to the left, all ready for a fire in the fireplace -- please....let it rain!

Here is another Japanese maple blazing with color. When we moved here 23 years ago, the top of this tree had been trimmed to the "gutter line" of the roof. It is a beautiful tree year round. Yesterday afternoon, this tree cast a brilliant glow throughout the yard. It was magnificent!

Do you remember the picture last week of the ginko tree with the stunning yellow leaves? Well, it is the only tree in the yard that has completely dropped its leaves.
Can you believe these prolific flower blooms?

I just had to sneak in a picture of this bird feeder that Martha found at an estate sale this past summer. I love to watch the birds as they partake of the seeds. I guess even the birds aren't flying south this winter or at least they have delayed their trip.

Yes, those are lemons hanging in the tree behind the bird feeder. I am lucky to have lemons year round.

Look at the striking seeds of the Japanese anenome:

The weather forecast does not show any rain or rainclouds in the near future.

Please, let it rain!

Well, we'll take another sneak peek next week.


GwennyMac said...

I love all of your trees...but I have to say that I'm very jealous of the Japanese Maple. So big! So healthy! We planted ours a year ago...I don't think it'll ever grow!

Packet of Seeds said...

Never fear Gwen, it will grow...just very slow.