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Monday, November 23, 2009

Singing Around the Piano

As young children, my sisters , brother, and I would gather around the piano singing songs while our mother tickled the pearly whites. I loved the way my mother would embellish the music which gave the songs an "added zing".

We would sing from this most cherished book which includes pictures and songs for the seasons and holidays:

The book was a collaboration of three women from Utah - one wrote the music, one drew the illustrations, and one wrote the words. Even after 50 plus years, I can still sing many of the songs by heart.

Since this is Thanksgiving week......

I thought I'd share two of the songs we would sing:

Almost 50 years later.....

We still love to sing while our mother plays.

Such precious memories.


Judy said...

We got this same book out with Logan and cooper last week. I love these songs and pictures. There is something for each holiday within it.

Anonymous said...

Adventure through the years! Your mother, Pat Price.