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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Feast 2009

As usual, Martha's home was warm and inviting, and decorated with autumnal and Thanksgiving decor.

The tables are set.

The food is ready to be served.

The prayer has been said and the family is ready to dig in.

(Adeline, Mary and David filling their plates)

The "kid's table", filled with adult cousins:
(Sophia, Peter, Gabe, Dan, Emma and Adeline)

Me and my siblings and parents:
(from left to right around the table: mom, me, Paul, DZ, Gayle, Mary dad, and Martha)

I brought the rolls to our family gathering. I picked up this fabulous old huge bowl at an estate sale in Los Altos which is perfect for letting the dough rise. It is huge!

My favorite recipie for rolls comes from the Lion House Recipie Book.

The recipie is easy and makes a nice wonderful light and fluffy roll. I always double the recipie for one can never have too many home made rolls at dinner. Every time I make rolls, I think of my grandma and the way she would fold over the dough and flatten it with her knuckles. She worked at Marriott bake shop in Salt Lake City and was a master at making rolls.

I am now off to bed with a nice full belly--ready to dream about all the lovely blessings I have in my life. Number one is my family.


GwennyMac said...

Great post Karen! I love the action shot with Martha. And I love the bowl!

Happy Thanksgiving...and Happy Black Friday :-)

Jeanette said...

That's one big bowl!

Judy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I can see that the dinner was fantastic and MOST of the family was there.
love, JUDY

Judy said...

I must add that I laugh seeing little Paul sitting up to the table as a toddler with his big plates. That has to have been staged. Is the high chair nearby?