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Monday, January 10, 2011

Working Weekend

The weather in the bay area this weekend was typical for January.
We were blanketed with what I call "white sky".
It wasn't sunny and it wasn't cloudy, it was just cold...
You know the type of cold that pierces bones.
It was the perfect weather to stay home and work on my garage.
On Friday, I had bundles of help from sweet Adeline.
She helped me clean, scrub, pack and toss.
We filled two garbage cans, delivered a load to the Goodwill, swept the floor, and organized.
Progress continued on Saturday.
After my weekly morning hike with my sister..I returned home to the GARAGE.
DZ emptied a section of the attic space which was filled with kid toys
We proceeded to sort, scrub (with bleach), throw away and box.
This has been one gigantic task but I am getting there!
Here is a tiny peek.


Natalie said...

Can't wait to see the reveal!

Martha said...

It looks brighter in the garage. Did David hang up the lights?

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic!!

Judy said...

Snaps to both of you. I have been working on our office room and bathrooms when the weather is bad. It makes our life so much easier when we can be on top of the stuff!