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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have You Pruned Your Roses?

Do you want roses like this in the spring?

Read on.....

My mother has about a dozen rose bushes along her driveway.
(I think I planted most of them)
She has a magical touch to growing the most aromatic and beautiful blooms
a.l.l. s.e.a.s.o.n. l.o.n.g.
Last night around 10:30 pm, as I was backing out of their driveway
My headlights cast a beam on the neatly and perfectly pruned, spiky rose branches
It is time for me to get out my gloves
(would love a pair of these) or these:

And start pruning AND oiling my roses.


Judy said...

That is the type of protection one needs for roses alright. I didn't know that had up the arm gloves for sale. Mom's bushes are a real delight. Since I don't see roses too much in the mountains it is a delight to my eyes and nose to be near blooms.

Molly said...

Yes! We moved into our duplex and there was a row of unruly rose bushes on the walk up to the door. Looks like the gardeners "pruned" them each year by just whacked them off. My mom came over and we pruned them the right way. Down to practically nothing. :) It was my first time pruning roses and I loved it. Like cleaning a really dirty room.