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Monday, January 24, 2011

Garbage Pickup on Friday

A couple of months ago our city changed garbage carriers and delivered three brand new containers for our use in placing our refuse.

Every Thursday, DZ takes care of sorting and placing our garbage and places it into one of three containers (he can sometimes take hours doing this):

1.the garbage bin...stuff placed in this 20 gallon can ends up in the nearest landfill. Did you notice how small our can is? Some weeks we barely fill it up!

2. the recycle bin...which is sorted and sold to companies who repurpose the stuff to produce new things out of the old.

3. the organics bin...which is turned into compost.

Nos. 2 and 3 above used to be picked up every other week...now it is EVERY week. I love that. Believe it or not, we fill each bin every week too, even in the winter. And don't they look neat and tidy? Check out the lids on the bins. If it rains, the garbage doesn't get wet and soggy. It is more cost effective too. There used to be 3 men coming to pick up the refuse and now there is only one, the driver. No more manual lifting of heavy garbage cans either. The driver controls a mechanical arm from inside his warm cab. The arm grabs the bin, lifts it high in the sky, turns it over and dumps the contents into the top of his truck, and then gently places the bin back down on the side of the street. How sweet is that?

I love Friday afternoon, my garbage day. I have empty containers... all ready to fill up again.

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Judy said...

They do look neat and tidy. I love refuse pickup day. It is great to have the larger one recycle. It's almost as good as CHURCH - purge out the unwanted. Good job David and Karen.